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              About Us
              About Us

              Tiande Chemical Holdings Limited (incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability), a specialised fine chemical manufacturer, was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on in 2006, the stock code is 00609. Tiande Chemical and its major operating subsidiaries located in the PRC, Weifang Common Chem Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dehong Chemical Co., Ltd., Weifang 

              Parasia Chem Co., Ltd., Weifang Binhai PetroChem Co., Ltd., and Weifang Dekel Innovative Materials Co., Ltd. are collectively called “Tiande Group”.

              In 2012 Tiande Chemical and Henkel founded a Joint Venture, invested to establish Weifang Dekel Innovative Materials Co., Ltd.(「Weifang Dekel」), manufacturing cyanoacrylate monomer products for customers in adhesive industry. 

              Based on its unique product chain, The Group concentrates on the development and supply of special chemical products derivated derived from NaCN. 

              The Group strictly applies ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and GB/T 28001 management systems, to ensure every batch of products delivered to customers meet the required standards. The Group has consistently uphold the principle of the "supremacy of credibility", to deliver quality products and excellent service to our customers. 

              The Group's products are widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical products, pesticides, adhesive products, sealants, essences and aromatics etc.

              The major products include: 
              Sodium Cyanide
              Cyanoacetic Acid and Cyanoacetates, 
              Malonates, Diethyl Ethoxymethylenemalonate , 
              EDTA Acid and Salts
              Mono Chloro Acetic Acid and derivatives
              Ethanol, Tert-butanol
              Cyanoacrylate monomer (Weifang Dekel)
              And the by-products of the above


              Room 2204A, 22nd Floor
              Bank of America Tower
              12 Harcourt Road, Central
              Hong Kong

              3877 Wolong East Street
              Shandong Weifang High Technology Development Zone
              Weifang City
              Shandong Province 
              The PRC

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